Empire Crop Health Summit

Plant Health Summit

The Plant Health, Monitoring, and Disease Management Summit explores theĀ  key strategies and technologies in pest management and plant health. Topics include developing long-term pest management strategies, preventing pest build-up, monitoring crops, timely intervention, climate change impacts on plant pathogens, biological control strategies in integrated pest management, digital technologies supporting plant health, and biosecurity measures. Gain valuable insights and practical solutions for enhancing plant health and ensuring food security.

Empire Office 365 Training

Microsoft 365 Certified Courses

Increase your team’s productivity with our Microsoft 365 Certified Courses! Our workshop series includes specialised sessions on Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Each workshop focuses on optimising use, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring security within the Microsoft 365 suite. Perfect for IT professionals, administrators, and end-users, these are certified courses for effective implementation of Microsoft 365 tools in your organisation.

Animal Production

Advance your expertise in livestock management with our Animal Production Skills Development Course. This course covers key aspects of animal breeding, nutrition, health management, and sustainable farming practices. Designed for farmers, agricultural students, and animal husbandry professionals, the course offers practical training and up-to-date techniques to enhance animal production and farm efficiency. Learn how to optimise resources and ensure the health and productivity of your livestock.

Conferences & Training Events

Mixed Farming

Broaden your agricultural expertise with our Mixed Farming Skills Development Course. This course covers the integration of crop and livestock farming, focusing on advanced sustainable practices, resource management, and maximising farm productivity. Participants will learn about crop rotation, soil health, animal husbandry, and the benefits of mixed farming systems. Ideal for farmers, agricultural students, and farming professionals, this course provides practical knowledge and skills to efficiently manage diverse farming operations and improve overall farm sustainability.

Empire Training Ostrich Production Workshop

Ostrich Production

Dive into the world of ostrich farming with our Ostrich Production Course. This course covers everything from breeding and rearing ostriches to managing their health, nutrition, and housing requirements. Whether you’re a novice or experienced farmer, this course provides valuable insights and practical skills to successfully raise ostriches for meat, leather, and feathers. Learn about the unique challenges and opportunities of ostrich farming and how to maximise profitability in this specialised industry.

Pig production event

Piggery Production

Discover the essentials of successful piggery production with our comprehensive course. Learn about pig breeds, housing, nutrition, health management, and breeding practices. Whether you’re a novice or experienced pig farmer, this course offers valuable insights and practical skills to enhance your piggery operation’s productivity and profitability. Gain knowledge about market trends, biosecurity measures, and sustainable practices to ensure the welfare and growth of your pigs.

Empire Training Plant Production Conference

Plant Production

Enhance your agricultural knowledge with our Plant Production Skills Development Course. This course covers essential topics such as soil preparation, crop selection, planting techniques, pest and disease management, and sustainable farming practices. Designed for farmers, and agricultural professionals, the course provides practical training and up-to-date methods to maximize crop yields and maintain soil health. Learn how to implement effective plant production strategies to ensure a successful and sustainable harvest.

Conferences & Training Events

Poultry Production

Elevate your poultry farming expertise with our Poultry Production Skills Development Course. This comprehensive course covers key areas such as breed selection, housing, nutrition, health management, and biosecurity measures. Ideal for both new and experienced poultry farmers, the course provides practical knowledge and skills to optimise egg and meat production. Learn about sustainable practices, disease prevention, and market trends to enhance the productivity and profitability of your poultry operation.

Conferences & Training Events

Assessor Training Course: Conduct outcomes-based assessments

Become a certified assessor with our comprehensive Assessor Training Course on conducting outcomes-based assessments. This course, aligned with SAQA Unit Standard 11753, provides 15 credits and covers essential skills for designing, conducting, and evaluating assessments in various educational and professional contexts. Ideal for educators, trainers, and HR professionals, this course equips you with the expertise to ensure fair, valid, and reliable assessment practices. Enhance your ability to support learner development and maintain high assessment standards.

Empire Social Media Conference

AI Digital Marketing

Discover the future of marketing at the AI Digital Marketing Symposium. Explore how artificial intelligence is revolutionising digital marketing through advanced analytics, personalised content, predictive modeling, chatbots, and automation. Learn from industry thought leaders about integrating AI into your marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement, optimise campaigns, and drive growth. This symposium offers valuable insights into leveraging AI tools to stay ahead in a competitive digital landscape.

Animal Husbandry & Milk Production

Husbandry & Hygiene Practices

Enhance your knowledge and skills in animal care with our Husbandry & Hygiene Practices Skills Development Course. This course covers essential topics such as proper animal handling, sanitation protocols, disease prevention, and maintaining a healthy environment for livestock. Ideal for farmers, veterinary technicians, and animal caregivers, the course provides practical training and best practices to ensure the well-being and productivity of your animals.